A mural in the style of elusive street artist has Banksy has appeared on a factory wall in Leyton.

The work depicts a man in a clown mask riding an army tank along the side of the brick wall, with a bird lying dead on the ground nearby.

Today, employees of the Pekalp London factory told the Guardian they were unsure when the graffiti was sprayed on the building in Church Road.

According to one member of staff, the derelict area behind the factory and shop was covered by trees until recently.

The picture only became clearly visable when the foliage was chopped down.

World renowned artist Banksy uses a distinctive stencilling technique in his work which has appeared on buildings all over the world.

The artist, whose identity is unknown, often uses dark humour in his work to comment on social and political issues.

A Banksy mural removed from a wall in Haringey was recently sold at auction in the US.

The Guardian has contacted experts at the Tate Modern to see if the painting can be verified as an authentic Banksy piece.