A traditional walk around ancient green land will take place on Sunday.

The annual ’beating of the bounds’ hails from a time when modern maps did not exist and the walk took place to point out landmarks to children.

Prayers would be offered for the fertility of the land and walkers would carry stripped willow sticks decorated in ribbons and flowers.

In some areas girls would have their fingers pricked and boys would be beaten with sticks or thrown into hedges.

Often children will be turned upside down and have their heads bumped on boundary markers to imprint the location in their minds.

The event will begin at the Hare and Hounds in Lea Bridge Road at 12pm for lunch and willow stripping.

Then, the procession will leave by the Prince of Wales in Lea Bridge Road at 2pm.

This year, the walk will be around Leyton Lammas Lands as they were before grazing rights were exchanged in 1905 for the right for free access in perpetuity. The distance is about two and a half miles.