A theatre company will step off of the stage and into Wood Street for a series of live performances.

Next week, performers will gather in Walthamstow to present A Night at the Pictures after tasting success in the borough in 2012.

Slap Haddock productions has been keen to return since they created A Night at the Dogs, based on the dog track.

This time, there will be performances covering a wide range of genres including thriller, sci-fi and even wild west. 

Producer Robin Rayner said: “Get in line as we open the doors to Wood Street’s finest cinema and treat you to a Night at the Pictures like never before.

“Performances that will appeal to every member of the family, sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes intensely dramatic, but always entertaining.”

The group has chosen the market as a location for its history as a cinema.

Admission is free and show times are 11.30am, 1pm, 2,30pm and 4pm every day between May 28 and 31.