A jealous man who stabbed his model ex-girlfriend to death has been found guilty of her murder.

Today David Gikawa, 38, was convicted of killing Linah Keza, 29, in her flat in King Edward Road, Leyton, last summer.

The court heard earlier how Gikawa, who was the father of Ms Keza’s three-year-old daughter, fled the scene leaving her in a pool of blood on the floor.

Ms Keza, who was also a talented dancer, had filled out a witness statement just two days before she was killed, warning that Gikawa had said he would kill any man she went out with.

At around 4am on July 31 neighbours heard screaming coming from her flat.

One man went to check on his neighbour, who began calling out as he arrived.

Ms Keza begged him to kick the door down but Gikawa had his back against it from the other side, preventing him from entering.

The neighbour looked through a glass panel on the door and saw Gikawa with his arm around Ms Keza's neck.

When he was able to fully open the front door to the flat, he found her lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Gikawa pushed past him and ran from the property, passing a second neighbour who was also making their way to investigate screaming.

Paramedics and police officers arrived, but despite their efforts Ms Keza was pronounced dead.

Gikawa handed himself in to police later that day.

A post mortem examination later gave the cause of death as stab wounds to the chest.

Police discovered a knife with the end broken off at the scene.

The court heard that the couple had recently separated.

The pathologist noted the fatal wound passed through the right lung and aorta and was caused by severe force.

Detective Inspector Ken Hughes said: "Gikawa launched a violent attack on his ex-partner and mother of his young child. He showed no remorse and didn't hang around when confronted by a concerned neighbour who came to her aid.

“I am pleased that the jury have convicted him of murder today. He will now have plenty of time in prison to contemplate the consequences of his actions and how they affect all those who knew and loved Linah.”

Gikawa will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday, when the Judge will also award a public commendation and reward to a neighbour who came to the aid of the victim on the night of her death.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it is investigating police contact with the mother-of-one and her former partner between July 23 and 31, and whether information dating back to 2010 was available to officers.