The leader of the Conservative group in Waltham Forest is backing his party to cause an upset in the labour stronghold of Walthamstow.

Cllr Matt Davis said the Tories have targeted Wood Street ward as a possible upset outside its heartland of Chingford, with Abdul Waheed Alavi, Ismet Balkan and Riitta Helena Soininen hoping to unseat Labour’s Peter Barnett, Angie Bean and Richard Sweden.

The Conservatives last held power in the borough in 1968, but Cllr Davis does not expect a significant power shift this time round.

He said:  "We think we're going to win seats in all of Chingford and we're looking to upset Labour in Wood Street as we've mounted a strong campaign there and listened closely to the people.

"Honestly, outside of Chingford and Wood Street, we will not be winning anything as we only expect to win where we work hardest."

However Cllr Davis said that the Liberal Democrats had targeted council leader Chris Robbins’ ward of Grove Green.

He added that the most common issue raised on the doorstep was the state of the borough’s roads and unsafe pavements.

Cllr Davis said: "Our number one priority is to fully repair every road and pavement in the borough in the next two years by utilising money from transport for London properly and using money from the council's reserves which will be paid back with interest.”

He also welcomed the emergence of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition, which is fielding candidates in every ward.  

Cllr Davis added: "I would be delighted to see the TUSC take votes from Labour as I believe in diversity and giving voters a range of political options."

He also said this election was the first time he considered UKIP to be more than a fringe party at a local level, but did not expect major inroads into the Tory vote.