Two carjackers found guilty of killing a successful businessman will serve a combined sentence of 43 years behind bars. 

Harjinder Singh Bhurji, 32, of Highbury Gardens in Ilford, was stabbed through the heart and left to die after refusing to hand over the keys to his Mercedes CLK in Stoneleigh Road, Ilford, in 2011.

Convicted murderer and car thief Rory Gordon, 23, of Rainhill Way in Bow, was today handed a life sentence with a minimum of 30 years, and his accomplice, 21 year-old Jae-don Fearon, of Manor Farm Drive, Chingford, was sentenced to 13 years for manslaughter.

Gordon, formally of Chingford Hatch, attacked Mr Bhurji, a former Mercedes employee and successful garage owner in the early hours of September 13 after he pulled over to speak to a female friend sitting in the passenger seat.

Within moments of stopping, Gordon approached the couple and dragged the woman from the car.

He then demanded Mr Bhurji hand over the keys in which he refused and threw them behind his seat, but as he leant to pick them up, he was stabbed in the heart and pulled from the car.

Gordon then sped away in the Mercedes, which was later tracked by police and found in Forest Glade, Highams Park.

Mr Bhurji died at the scene from a single-stab wound to the heart.

A third man, Andre Campbell, 23, of Aldriche Way, Highams Park, was given a 12 month suspended sentence for two years for handling stolen goods after selling Mr Bharji's smart phone, which had been left in the car.

He was also given a supervision order. 

Gordon and Fearon were sought after local police intelligence linked them to previous car thefts and Campbell, Gordon's cousin, was then linked to the sale of the stolen phone.

During their conviction at the Old Bailey on April 30, an impact statement read by Mr Bharji's family said "a part of us died with him."

He was described as "special" "unique" and "one of the best technicians in the area" after recently having launched his own business.

His family added: "No family should have to experience the pain of losing a loved one in this way.

"Gordon and Fearon have deprived Raj of the rest of his life and his family of a wonderful man.

"At just 32 years a healthy, intelligent man had his future, hopes and dreams snatched away in such a terrible way. He will never be replaced."

Detective Inspector Andy Yeats, of the homicide and major crime command said he hoped today's result would bring some solace to the family.

He added: "Mr Bhurji was a loving son and brother who had everything to live for. He was a successful businessman and worked hard to provide for his family.

"Gordon and Fearon had no concept of hard work and decided to take Mr Bharji's car without a single thought for the devastating circumstances."