An arts and cultural festival featuring one of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s highlights will take place in Redbridge next month in an effort to re-invigorate the area’s cultural heritage and “develop the theatre audiences of the future”.

The Redbridge Labyrinth Theatre Festival will run from June 19 to June 29 and is being championed by the Redbridge Drama Centre, Redbridge Council and Arts Council England.

Redbridge council said that the festival will be “an innovative way of celebrating culture across Redbridge”.

The week-long event will include a performance of the critically acclaimed Light, finger puppetry, street performers and theatrical productions for both children and adults. 

Performances will be held at several venues around Redbridge, including the Redbridge Drama Centre, Kenneth Moore Theatre, Hainault Forest County Park and Ilford High Road.

One confirmed performance is female-only group The Paper Birds whose over-55s play will commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Playing straight after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival the community project is one of many plays to be performed across the borough.

The festival is being funded by the Redbridge Innovation Fund and Arts Council England and is in partnership with charity organisation Vision. The festival will be a combination of free and paid-for events with subsidies for Redbridge residents.

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