A pub described by police as a haven for drug dealers and users could be closed down.

The Lord Brooke in Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, is the subject of a licence review on Wednesday.

Police raided the premises in March and claim to have found evidence of open drug distribution and use.

Submitting evidence to the licencing committee ahead of the review, licensing officer Matt Brown said: “Police believe that the Lord Brooke is a haven for drug dealers and users because there is no control over the venue by the current licensee.

“My recommendation would be to revoke the licence as the licensing objective ‘prevention or crime and disorder’ is being seriously undermined.”

“The venue was swabbed and there were high readings for cocaine throughout the premises including the public area and bar counter.

“It was clear during this visit that there was a lack of control at the venue due to there being drugs paraphernalia everywhere.

“The entire bar area was crowded by a group clearly known to each other.

“It was evident that this group of males was not only openly admitting dealing and using at the venue but, alarmingly, no member of staff appeared to be doing anything about it.”

Police say they held two people they believe were living in the country illegally when they raided the pub again on March 26 and found an upstairs area had been converted into a hostel.