Pupils have intervened in an attempt to stop parents putting children’s lives at risk by parking dangerously outside a school.

Due to a lack of spaces around Aldersbrook School in Harpenden Road, Wanstead, parents on the school run have been spotted stopping in the middle of the road and dropping their children off.

Now members of the school council, aged between five and 11, have started a campaign to raise awareness of the problem.

They have designed banners to be displayed outside the school, with one calling on drivers not to risk lives.

One shows where to park safely, with another giving details of how Redbridge council spy cars operate. 

Teacher Emily Warwick-Baker has worked with the pupils to get the project off the ground.

She said: "Road safety is a major issue around the school and the children have taken this on board themselves.

"The school does not have a car park for staff or parents and there is a lack of parking spaces nearby.

"We have parents stopping in the middle of the street and letting their child jump out of the car, because there is nowhere for them to stop or they're running late for work.”

PSCO Alan Winston, of Wanstead's safer neighbourhood team, visited the school this afternoon to congratulate the pupils on their hard work.

He said: "It is great to see them taking positive action on their own safety. Hopefully parents will take note of their childrens efforts and try to work together.

"When it comes to the school run, nothing is ever good enough and young people and teenagers often get a bad press so it is good to give them the credability they deserve."