A total of 36 road improvement projects have been agreed across Epping Forest.

The Highways Panel for the district has allocated funding for schemes including additional traffic lights, crossings and white lining.

The Crooked Mile in Waltham Abbey will be one of the first places to undergo work.

A signal-controlled crossing near to the junction with Saxon Way, Waltham Abbey, will cost £125,000.

This follows a previous allocation of £52,000.

The 36 schemes amount to just over half of the panel’s £700,000 annual budget.

Councillor John Knapman, chairman of the Highways Panel, said that the changes indicate “real improvements” to road safety in Epping Forest.

The Highways Panel was criticised last year when it underspent by £500k.

The money, which was not allocated to schemes in time, was handed back Essex County Council to pay for projects in other parts of Essex.