Planning permission has been given to turn a garage site into a block of flats despite objection from neighbouring residents.

Eight ‘affordable’ homes will be built on land Evesham Avenue in Walthamstow after it was agreed by the council’s planning committee this evening.

Three residents came to represent a number of people living in neighbouring properties on Aveling Park Road at the Town Hall.

They highlighted concerns that the building was a whole storey higher than all other surrounding buildings, besides one.

Beth Clark said that her home would suffer from security risks and increased parking problems.

She said: “I believe that the current proposals will have a negative impact on the area. It is six meters from the neighbouring property, it is too close.

“The rear wall of the garages forms the boundary of our property.

“There are three parking spaces for eight homes which is not sufficient.”

However the committee sided with the developers.

Councillor Jenny Gray said that she saw “no reason” to object.

She said: “We are in desperate need for homes in the borough. The issue of over-looking has been taken on board by the applicant, it seems to me like there is no problem with the design.”

Councillor Alan Siggers said that he understood objections from residents and that the development was too high.

Permission was granted with four votes in favour to two against.