A model flying club with a history dating back to the 1940s is looking for young and enthusiastic new members.

Tony Coomes, 50, is chairman of the Wanstead Model Flying Club, which uses Wanstead Flats.

He said: "We are looking for young blood. We need some new enthusiasm at the club as most of our 70 to 80 members are of an older generation.

"Children and youngsters need an excuse to get them off the street and this is a way for them

"Flying a 7kg electric or nitro powered aircraft takes skill and you learn to respect other members and the public  when you're over the park. Being part of something quite thrilling changes people."

As chairman of 10 years and a member of the club since a young boy, Mr Coomes believes flying a large model aircraft is harder than flying an aeroplane.

The Leytonstone plumber by trade added: "We have a lot of members that are commercial pilots and they say it is a lot easier to fly a plane than a radio-controlled model plane.

"You have to judge what you're doing from the ground by using the controls, so you can't feel anything or sometimes see anything if the plane is 1,000 foot in the air."

Membership costs less than £80 a year which will include free tuition for new members learning to fly.

To find out more, please contact the club secretary, Chris Smith at clubsec@wansteadmfc.co.uk.