A midwife who failed to notice when a mother was in labour and used his mobile phone to get advice from a colleague while in a delivery room has been allowed to continue practicing.

Aaron Prince Narh, faced a number of allegations relating to his time working at Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council panel heard Narh left a mother alone after failing to spot her labour while working in North Ward in 2012.

Complaints that he had given a patient an overdose of painkiller syntocinon and phoned a colleague while in a delivery room were also upheld.

Claims that he had caused a mother’s injury by failing to deliver a baby properly and behaved inappropriately when he was challenged over his conduct were found to be unproven.

A separate complaint that he failed to notice a drop in a baby’s heart rate on a cardiogram was withdrawn.

In a letter to Mr Narh, the panel said: “The misconduct found is not isolated to a single area of concern, but rather, is wide ranging, consisting of elements of attitudinal concerns as well as deficiencies in your clinical practice.

“You have not developed full insight into the seriousness of your misconduct.

However, the panel imposed a 12-month ‘conditions of practice order’ on Narh, which requires him to be supervised by a senior midwife and undergo training.

Narh has 28 days to appeal.