A Henry VIII lookalike is being sought for the recreation of the coronation of Anne Boleyn.

The Waltham Abbey Historical Society is hoping to stage the event on June 1 next year, 482 years after Anne became Queen consort following the removal of Catherine of Aragon.

Explaining the event’s connection to the town, the historical society’s Clive Simpson said: "The first meeting to plan Henry's divorce from his Catholic wife to enable him to marry Anne was held in Henry's private house in Romelands Waltham Abbey.

"This led to the Reformation and unfortunately, to the eventual destruction of the Abbey, leaving only the church which is still in place along with the remains of the walls."

The re-enactment will be part of a new festival to attract and feature Anne, her sister Mary and a ‘middle-class Tudor lady’, representing the people of Waltham Abbey.

Sarah Morris, author of In the footsteps of Anne Boleyn will play Anne, Karen Bowman, author of Essex Boys and Essex Girls, which featured historical figures from the county will play Mary, and Louise Hunter Hall will fill the final role.

The three will also judge lookalike entries with Epping-based costume designer Carole Cully, who will make an outfit for the winner.

To enter or for further information please email the Tourist Information Centre at tic@walthamabbey-tc.gov.uk