Parents, children, district councillors and governors present at the opening of a primary school allotment have all been given a taste of things to come.

The first crop of strawberries grown at Roydon Primary School's allotment in Epping Road was shared out between those who helped get it started at its opening ceremony.

Headteacher Gill Doyle believes the project will give children the opportunity to learn about the science behind plant growth as well as where fruit and vegetables come from and also hopes it will teach them about responsibility and what is required to care for plants.

She said: “The kids dream is to supply the school kitchen with fruit and veg.

“We will be able to do it but on a very small scale.

“It will be fantastic for teamwork and there’s also a gentle sense of competition between the classes, and teachers.”

The allotment is divided into plots with each year group having ownership of one plot.

Crops currently being grown include lettuce, carrots and potatoes.