Firefighters rescued a goat trapped on a ledge near the Lee Valley reservoir this morning.

Up to five firefighters from Chingford Fire Station were called to the Lee Valley campsite on Sewardstone Road, Chingford, shortly after 10.30am. 

The goat was trapped six foot below grond level on a ledge near the reservoir.

The animal was rescued an hour later.

Watch manager Matthew Tiller, who attended the incident, said: “The goat must have been there a good few weeks because it was pretty thin.

"It  had a collar on and a length of string around its neck, so it obviously belonged to someone.

“With the help of a member of the public we lifted it to safety.

"It is not something we have done before, but the goat is safe and is now being cared for at a farming compound while awaiting a visit from the RSPCA.

“If you do see an animal trapped or stuck somewhere, call the RSPCA first for advice, rather than dialling 999.”

A message posted on the Brigade's official Twitter feed, read: "Firefighters have been called to rescue a goat from a ledge near a reservoir in Chingford #EssexGoat."

At 11.30am it posted: "Hot off the press: Billy the #EssexGoat has just been rescued by firefighters."