Following the success a men-only yoga class a golf club is creating a new ‘putting-green’ quality exercise lawn for the participants.

The new area is now being prepared at Epping Golf Club in Fluxs Lane two years on from Amy Bramble teaching her first only male session there on July 7, 2012.

Having moved from personal training to Yoga tuition in March 2012 she had noticed there were very few men attending her sessions and those who did would not usually return.

She said: “I noticed the men weren’t keen on being the only one or one of two in the class so I thought I’d start a class especially for them.

“It has worked really well and with being at the golf club I have had some of the golf pros referring players to me to improve their flexibility.”

Tony Hyatt, 63, from Coronation Hill in Epping, may not have tried yoga if it weren’t for the men only sessions but has attended the class since September 2012 and seen benefits to his golf game and improvement in his sciatica.

He said: “I think men prefer this class because they won’t feel intimidated by women who might have been doing it for a long time.

“I’ve been to a couple of the mixed classes but we have more of a laugh and I feel we can be a bit more competitive and feel less self conscious.”

“I thought of it more as a women’s sport before I started and I might not have gone if there wasn’t a men only class.”

Mrs Bramble also teaches children’s classes in which she says the numbers of boys and girls are fairly even.

She said: “I hope that trend will carry on until they’re older. It’s good that the boys will know it’s not just something for girls.”

The classes run every Thursday evening and in hot weather the group goes outside for the duration of the session and Epping Golf club is now developing a “putting green quality” yoga lawn for the class.

Mrs Bramble puts the success of the classes down to the relaxed and fun atmosphere within the group of around 10.

She added: “We always have a laugh. We don’t go too deeply into the yoga philosophy; it’s light-hearted and very friendly”

Any men keen on joining the class in June or July are being offered a free session.

For more information about classes for men, women and children call Amy Bramble on 07841378364 or visit