A homeless mother and son sleeping in a bus shelter say they are ‘desperate’ for help.

Loraine and Darren Seabourne were evicted from their council home in Romford due to rent arrears and have been sleeping rough in an around Wood Street in Walthamstow since.

Mrs Seabourne, 52, claims she was in hospital being treated for leg ulcers and problems with her feet when she fell behind on her rent.

“We have tried everything, we went to the housing office down the road but they said there is nothing that they can do to help us,” She said.

“I’m so tired, we can’t sleep and they only place we can stay for shelter is in the bus stops. My legs and my feet really hurt.

“There is nowhere for us to stay. The community has been so kind to us.”

Mr Seabourne, 25, claims both Havering and Waltham Forest councils have said they cannot help the pair.

He said:  “There have been problems with family so we said we can’t stay in the area.
“Because of that we are judged as fleeing and they wouldn’t help.

“Because we are not from Waltham Forest they can’t help us here. There are no spaces in the shelters.”

The Seabourne’s have been in touch with charity Street Link.

“I can charge my phone in the library during the day. I am waiting for them to call back but you have to stay where you tell them so that they can collect you,” Mr Seabourne added.

Both councils have been contacted for a comment.