A traumatised cat has turned to a life of crime after the disappearance of her beloved brother.

Jan Treacher, of Walpole Lane in South Woodford, has been left non-plussed by the behaviour of Mabel, who collects up to three gloves a day from surrounding homes.

The eccentric three-year-old moggy also recently chewed Ms Treacher’s Apple headphones, rendering them unusable, but bizarrely arrived the following day clutching a new pair. 

Ms Treacher, who is a teacher at Leytonstone School, believes her pet’s unusual behaviour has been caused by the disappearance of Mabel’s brother, Wilf, a year ago.

The 53-year-old said: “It has been going on and off for a year now but recently it has been up to three gloves a day, she is like a cat magpie.

“Her brother went missing a year ago and since then she has been erratic and it seems she is using this as a way of coping with the situation.

“Her vet thinks she is bonkers and I am horrified at the situation.

“I work in a school and I am trying to teach good morals so it is not good to have a criminal cat.

“She doesn't just steal gloves, a few months ago Mabel chewed through my iPhone headphones, and two hours later came back with some new ones to give me.

“I used to just throw the items away but lately I have thought that this is ridiculous and I need to get these items back to their owners.

“If anyone has noticed any missing gloves then do not hesitate in getting in touch.”