A primary school where parents successfully blocked an attempt to turn it into an academy when it was deemed failing is continuing to improve, Ofsted has said.

Snaresbrook Primary School, in Meadow Walk, South Woodford, looked set to be taken out of local authority control after being placed in special measures in June last year.

But parents and Redbridge council campaigned against the move, arguing measures were already in place to address the problems.

The proposal was then dropped and in December the school registered the fourth most improved test results in the borough.

An Ofsted report this week said improvements had been sustained.

It said: “This is primarily linked to, firstly, the emphasis senior leaders are placing on developing good quality teaching.

“Secondly, senior leaders are also using monitoring to maintain a learning environment that is focused on accelerating pupils’ progress.

“As a result, the quality of teaching is much better, and pupils say they are challenged and enjoying their work.”

The school will continue to have regular inspections and if improvements are sustained then it will have a full inspection, and may be taken out of special measures, in December this year.

Executive headteacher Carel Buxton said: "The report was so positive because of the teamwork between staff, governors and parents, we set targets and we have met them.

"We are absolutely confident we can get out of special measures and the inspection was when Year 6 had sats so it was a stressful time and an incredible effort from everyone.

"The children showed exceptionally good behaviour and they are like that all the time, I am so proud of them."