An art student’s short films which spontaneously capture family life have been selected for a prestigious national art exhibition.

Works by Dinah Berger, 23, who lived in Highwood Gardens, Clayhall, until she started Fine Art degree at Nottingham Trent University, will feature at the Bloomberg New Contemporaries show later this year.

The two pieces to go on show were created on 16mm film. One features her six-year-old son, while another focuses on her father.

Miss Berger regularly films her family in improvised, spontaneous and non-scripted situations.

She said: “I use my family as a vehicle to explore critical concerns around human behaviours.

“My family think my work’s mad – they just think it’s quite funny that I film them all the time.

The annual show, now in its 65th year, will be launched at World Museum in Liverpool, running between September 20 and October 26.

It will then move to the Institute of Comtemporary Arts in London and will be open between November 26 and January 25.

"I’m really excited. The World Museum is such a beautiful building as well so to have my work on show there is an incredible opportunity,” Miss Berger added.

“I want to carry on making work and submitting to galleries. I’m also really interested in community work.”