A prolific burglar has been jailed after repeatedly targeting an elderly care home.

Darren Williams, 40, of no fixed address, raided the home in Shernhall Street, Walthamstow, on a number of occasions in April and stole items including a radio, laptop and a television. 

He was sentenced to a number of terms to run concurrently at Snaresbrook Crown Court ealier this month, which mean he will serve a six-year sentence.

Williams visited the multi-home care facility twice on April 22 and then again on April 24 and April 30.

Police tracked Williams down after identifying a cab driver who picked him up from Shernhall Street and took him to a second-hand electronics store, where he sold the stolen television.

All of the documents surrounding the sale of the television were obtained and Williams was arrested on May 8 after police chased him from an Asda store in Selbourne Walk, Walthamstow.

He tried to run away from the indoor supermarket after stealing four DVDs and various groceries to the value of £57.

He was sentenced to six years and ordered to pay £120 in victim surcharge costs for one of the burglaries committed on April 22. 

He was given a three-month sentence for the Asda theft, six years for the burglary on April 24, four years for the burglary on April 24 and three years for the April 30 burglary.

Investigating officer Jane Meehan, of Waltham Forest CID, said: "This investigation was a team effort with an excellent result, especially for the victims, who were targeted because they were vulnerable.

"Residents of Waltham Forest should feel reassured that a prolific burglar is now off our streets, serving a long sentence".

Police were able to give the television and radio back to the victim.