“Dangerous” u-turns could be banned in a road for the first time, despite residents claiming it enables them to avoid a lengthy detour to a major route.

Area 3 and 4 committees have recommended that the manoeuvre be banned in Clayhall Avenue, Barkingside, over safety fears.

There were protests at previous attempts to outlaw u-turns by people living on the Hill Farm Estate, who cannot turn right onto Clayhall Avenue and quickly access Charlie Brown’s roundabout via Southend Road.

In 2011 fines totalling £60,000 were dropped and penalties worth £10,000 refunded during an unexpected clampdown on the manoeuvre, and the sign has still not been taken down.

The ban will be considered at a meeting of full council on Thursday.

Conservative group leader Paul Canal, who lives in the area, believes the ban will be imposed.
He said: “It is dangerous and just is not safe.

“ I use the junction quite often and I am surprised there hasn’t been an accident.

“I have seen three-tonne vans doing u-turns there and it is clear that the arrangement is not appropriate.

“I believe the council will vote for the safe option and implement restrictions."

Lib Dem Cllr Ian Bond is against the restriction and will argue his case at Thursday’s meeting.

He said: “We want to ask the decision-makers to ask again as it is the wrong thing to do, it is a waste of the council’s time to be honest.

“It would be a great inconvenience for people in Hill Farm estate and it will make the lives of many people difficult.

“There is no safety issue and it could actually make things worse, if you try and turn around elsewhere then it could be much more dangerous."