Drivers are being asked to move their cars away from the Tour de France route the day before the event or risk having them towed away.

With less than three weeks to go until the biggest names in cycling ride through the district, Essex County Council is urging residents to ensure the route is clear.

However, the council is refusing to say wether drivers will incur a financial penalty if they ignore warnings. 

The sprint section of Stage Three is being held in Epping High Street on July 7.

A statement from the council said: “Any vehicles left parked on Palmers Hill and the High Street are at risk of being moved if they are obstructing the event organisers from building the infrastructure needed for the sprint section.

“They may need to be moved before 4pm on July 6.”

In response to a Guardian question over possible fines, he added: “Vehicles on the route after the roads close may be moved. Anyone who leaves their car parked on the route after this time does so at their own risk.”

Anyone attending the Epping on July 6 will still be able to park for free in the off-street Cottis Lane and Bakers Lane car parks.