A six-year-old girl was said to be "overwhelmed" when she saw her art work on the side of a refuse truck.

Last week Epping Primary School celebrated the news that Year 1 pupil Belle Liggitt had won a district-wide competition to promote recycling.

Students across Epping Forest were asked to design a picture to go on the side of refuse trucks for Epping Forest District Council.

Belle’s design is now 10ft tall on the side of all trucks in the fleet.

Tracy O’Donnell, Epping Primary School headteacher, said that she was "immensely proud" of her pupil.

She said: “It was such an exciting day.

“Our classrooms all look out over the playground and the truck drove in for the first time all of the children could see it.

“Lots of different children took part so for it to be one of our pupils who won was fantastic.

“Belle was very nervous on the day at having the whole school around her and a recycling lorry in the playground.”

Ms O’Donnell explained that recycling is a big part of the school ethos.

“We are a new school at just four years old and we place high importance on recycling,” She added.

“Rain water is used to flush our toilets, the windows are automatic and lights turn off when there is no movement in a room.”

The school won £500 as a part of Belle’s prize which is to be split between the school’s art department and the dedicated eco-council.