Out of date baby milk has been sold at a Tesco supermarket months after a carton from the same store made a toddler ill was found to be nearly a year out of date.

Andrew Campbell visited Tesco in Cranbrook Road, Barkingside, on Tuesday evening and purchased four cartons of Aptamil Follow-up Milk for his two-year-old son Ethan, one of which was 10 days out of date.

In January, Jerri Lee from Chigwell Row purchased milk that was 10 months out of date from the same store, leaving two-month-old daughter Milan sick for two days.

Mr Campbell's wife Emma, 37, was in the process of giving the contents of the first carton to her child at their home in Veronique Gardens, Barkingside, when she noticed the label.

Mr Campbell returned the milk carton to the store immediately and has organised a meeting with the store manager this evening to discuss the issue.

The 40-year-old said: “Emma was pouring the milk into the bottle and luckily she saw the date, it is unacceptable.

“I have had numerous instances of being sold out of date products by this store, including bread, cakes and chicken, last year I complained and to be fair to them I have not had an issue for the last few months.

“However to make the mistake with selling out of date baby milk once is unacceptable, but to repeat it, seem just beyond belief.

“If they keep doing this then sooner or later another child is going to get hurt.”

Tesco has been asked for comment.