Building works disrupting neighbours and blocking access to pavements and businesses in Leyton are not breaking any planning rules, according to Waltham Forest Council.

Around ten weeks ago builders in Morris Road, Leyton, constructed a cover across the front of a shop in preparation for refurbishment.

But the wooden structure cuts off a large section of the pavement.

Sandbags were also placed in between the building and the curb, blocking access to pedestrians.

A telegraph pole in the road makes it impossible for wheelchair users and pushchairs to pass.

Reg Busby, 78, claims he was not notified that building works were going to take place and said he has been ignored by the authorities after raising concerns since January.

“I always make a point of looking at the planning notices,” he said.

“I didn’t get anything to say that there would be building work next door.

“I first complained in January about the noise, they work right into the night and on Sundays and we still have no idea what is going on.

“You might as well talk to the wall, the builders don’t speak English and we don’t hear anything from the council. I haven't been able to get my scooter down the road for months."

After cracks appeared in the wall of Lucky Garage next door, a wooden frame was built from the side of the building, stretching into the road.

The owner of Lucky Garage, Ali Razi Hayirli, said water has leaked through cracks and damaged his equipment.

“This is dangerous,” He added.

“I have had holes in my roof since the building work began and there are cracks all through my walls.

“People can’t get past. I still have no answer from the authorities.”

A council spokesman said that both planning enforcement and building control officers have inspected the site.

He said: “There don’t appear to be any issues with this work.

“I understand they are demolishing and rebuilding a garage unit and there is some propping for the adjoining buildings that is causing a bit of disruption on the pathway, but all above board from all accounts.”