Area committees have been scrapped by Redbridge council.

The Labour group, which took power at last month's election, vowed to end the meetings, which provide an opportunity for people to raise concerns with councillors and have some decision-making powers, to save money.  

The next round of meetings have been cancelled after a vote by full council.

Deputy leader of the Labour council Wes Streeting said: "Area committees are ineffective bodies that I would compare to an Anglo-Saxon court where residents pay homage to their leaders.

"It is a quite bizarre way of doing things and it is right that we will not see them past this summer because we have a huge amount of money to save and this is the first step to doing that.

"Change is uncomfortable but I believe this is a change for the better."

Speaking in the council debate, Liberal Democrat Ian Bond said he was very disappointed by the decision.

He said: "This is a very bad idea, the meetings are a way that people can take their problems to the council and for this to disappear is worrying for residents.

"Local groups and organisations want to secure funding for festivals and events but where will they go now? This decision will make it much harder."