Controversial u-turns were banned in a road for the first time at a council meeting last night.

Area 3 and 4 committees have recommended that the manoeuvre be banned in Clayhall Avenue, Barkingside, over safety fears.

And at Redbridge Town Hall, in High Road, Ilford, the council voted through plans to ban the manoeuvre after a debate.

The Labour-led council also agreed to lobby Transport for London to install a roundabout at the junction with Woodford Avenue to solve the access problem for people living in Hill Farm Estate, which has about 60 households.

Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, Robert Cole, was adamant that the ban will make the junction safer.

He said: "It is an accident waiting to happen and it seems to be that a few residents can't be bothered to drive a few extra minutes for the safety of other drivers and themselves.

"A roundabout is the best solution but it could take a few years before we get those plans approved by TfL."

Liberal Democrat Cllr Ian Bond of the Roding ward argued against the ruling, but agreed with the plans for a roundabout, in the council debate.

He said: "This will affect a huge number of people and is making the siuation worse than it needs to be, the u-turn is easy, sensible and safe."

"This is a waste of the council's time and money, there has never been a recorded accident there and I don't think there will be."

Residents of Hill Farm estate will not be able to turn right out of their properties, instead having to drive an extra three miles in order to access Charlie Brown’s roundabout via Southend Road.

Estate resident Claude Pascal, 66, said: "At rush hour it takes up to half and hour to do the detour, which is ridiculous.

"For people going to work five days a week this is unacceptable and no one has mentioned the extra petrol money this will cost."

In 2011 fines totalling £60,000 were dropped and penalties worth £10,000 refunded during an unexpected clampdown on the manoeuvre, and the sign has still not been taken down.