A recent graduate has designed an innovative solution for women with flat feet.

Industrial design graduate Jez Dhillon, 22, of Forest Side, Chingford, has developed a rubber-type insole for women so they can wear high heels comfortably, after suffering with the abnormality for years.

Flat feet or fallen arches is where the foot has no arches at all so women suffering with the common problem often struggle with wearing shoes with a heel.

The former Brunel University student and Heathcote School pupil spent eight months developing the accessory using 3D printing technology.

"I used to only be able to buy heels with a strap just to save my feet from falling out and it got immensely frustrating.

"What non-sufferers don’t realise is that those of us with flat feet find high heels almost impossible to wear comfortably, our feet simply slip out the back.

"I always thought it was quite uncommon and that I was alone in having this difficulty but I realised at university it is quite common and over a million cases are treated in the UK each year," said Ms Dhillon.

The pair of insoles exhibited last week at the Oxo Tower in London's South Bank, gave the public a sneak-preview of what could be a hugely successful fashion breakthrough for Ms Dhillon.

She added: "It is my intention to get these on the market but first I would need to carry out further material research and manufacturing processes so they are as economically friendly and time saving as possible.

"If the product can be successfully marketed for commercial use it could hugely benefit women all over the world who struggle with finding heeled shoes to wear to work or on a night out."