Police are investigating a burglary at a property which a neighbour says was targeted earlier this year in a botched break-in ending in the death of a suspect.

A property in Mason Way, Waltham Abbey was broken into after thieves smashed patio doors to gain access at some time between June 12 and 19.

Several bags, a purse and car keys were stolen from the house as well as a car parked outside.

Stephen Pope, 35, of Waltham Abbey, was found dead in an alleyway near Mason Way after a burglary in the street on March 6.

Neighbour, Vernon Gurtner, 64, whose window was smashed in September claimed the property was the same as had been targetted in the incident in March.

He said: “There is never enough police presence to see these things going on.

“I’m now more mindful of security and no longer carless about my front door.

“Whereas before I might leave it open if I was just down the street now I make sure it’s locked.”

Police are unable to say how many people might have carried out the offence and are urging anyone with information can call Loughton police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.