A chef from Walthamstow was one of the first finders of hidden cash after solving clues posted on Twitter.

The treasure hunt launched by American property millionaire Jason Buzi on Twitter made its way to London over the weekend after he first started hiding money in San Francisco.

Using the Twitter name @HiddenCash, Mr Buzi posted clues about the location of the 20 envelopes each containing £50 which caught the attention of 32-year-old Rob Bolam of Grosvenor Park Road.

Mr Bolam, a chef at the popular Japanese restaurant chain Nobu, first heard about the hidden treasure on Friday night.

The three clues of 'large space where green meets blue' - Piccadilly Line meets the District Line, an 'unincorporated town in California shares the same name' - Kensington,  and the scene of a well-known children's story - Peter Pan, led hundreds of Londoners to flock to Kensington Gardens.

Mr Bolam worked out the first and second clue early on and arrived at the world-famous gardens on Saturday morning to people "running around, in and out of bushes."

He has set aside the £50 to spend on the first round of drinks with his friends at the Glastonbury Festival starting tomorrow.

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