Pupils have spent the day rehearsing their lines and practising their vocals ahead of their school's end-of-year production.

Talented pupils from years 7 to 10 at Chingford Foundation School in Nevin Drive, Chingford, have chosen to perform a modern adaptation of Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland.

The re-told version by British playwright Laura Wade will be performed at the school's Arts Centre in College Gardens over three evenings starting tomorrow at 7pm.

Head of drama Georgina Coish has said it will be staged as "the story of a young girl in contemporary Chingford, who is in a bit of a 'mard' - meaning sullen or throwing a tantrum.

"Alice's fate with the White Rabbit will come not from sitting on the riverbank with her eldest sister but at a grim funeral reception for her beloved elder brother who has been killed in a drink-driving accident." 

This is the first combined drama and music production that Chingford Foundation School have ever done.

Tickets cost £5 and can be bought by emailing tickets@chingford.waltham.sch.uk or 020 8529 1853 ext 283.