A London-wide police crackdown on knife crime will take place today.

Operation Big Wing will see more than 5,800 officers across all boroughs of the capital carrying out 160warrants, targeted stop and search and searches at transport hubs.

Other activity includes street briefings and crime prevention events advising the public about how to protect themselves and their valuables.

In 2013-14, more than 50 per cent of murders were committed with knives and 43 per cent of the UK’s knife related offences took place in London.

Temporary Detective Chief Superintendent Gordon Allison, Head of Trident, which leads the Met's response to gang and serious youth violence, said: "Our primary aim is keeping Londoners safe.

“We have seen significant reductions in both gun and knife crime in recent years, however we recognise that knife crime continues to have a considerable impact on London.”

Commander Stephen Watson, leading today’s Operation Big Wing, said: "Knife crime cuts across several crime types such as robbery, burglary and gang crime.”

Police claim knife crime offences have reduced by 11.5 per with 1,300 fewer offences which is the lowest total in the last seven years.

The reduction is attributed to a fall in robberies, with knife crime robberies down 19 per cent.