A Leytonstone born photographer described as one of the most ‘distinctive and distinguished in the world’ has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of east London.

David Bailey, 76, picked up the award at a ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday where his landmark exhibition ‘Stardust’ is finishing its highly successful run.

Some of his most celebrated works over the past five decades have been inspired by life in the East End.

The Kray twins, model Jean Shrimpton, who was a former girlfriend, actor Terence Stamp, The Beatles, Sir Mick Jagger and model Kate Moss have all featured in his renowned work.

Speaking in front of a star studded audience Mr Bailey said he wanted to inspire the next generation.

He said: "Coming from the East End and receiving this honour means a lot. It sends out a message to the kids in east London that anyone can do it - if you just persevere."

Bailey, who recently took a portrait of the Queen for her 88th birthday, creates images using photography, film, painting and sculpture.

Vice-chancellor Professor John Joughin, said Bailey was ‘inspirational’ to Londoners.

Bailey made his name in the 1960s and became well known for his work in Vogue.