Teenagers in Waltham Forest are being warned about the dangers of attending illegal raves after the death of a 15-year-old boy in Croydon.

Schools in the borough will receive letters from the police this week which they are being urged to pass on to children and parents following the death of Rio Andrew on June 16.

The notice from Metropolitan Police Commander Simon Letchford tells pupils in no uncertain terms that their safety is not considered by organisers of illegal raves which are growing in popularity.

He wrote: “As we approach the summer holiday period, some students may be considering their options to relieve exam pressure and may be attracted by the lure of an event such as a rave.

“It is important that those of us with responsibility for safeguarding young people do all in our power to prevent a further tragedy.

“Licensed v unlicensed events – any person attending a licensed event is afforded protection by requirements demanded of the event organisers by the licensing body. No such protection is afforded to anyone attending an unlicensed event such as a rave.”

Commander Letchford also asks parents to be ‘robust’ in checking their children’s social media use.