A decision on whether a new mosque will be built in South Woodford will be made on Tuesday .

The Qu’rani Murkaz Trust (QMT) is proposing to demolish its existing South Woodford Community Centre Mosque, in Mulberry Way, and erect a new three-storey building.

The development includes a ground floor prayer room, a community hall on the first floor and four residential flats on the second floor. T he deisng has restrictions on the overall height and has removed balconies after complaints of a potential lack of privacy from neighbours.

In December 2013 the original application was rejected following more than 300 objections on the grounds of its scale, density, mass and height, and the design was considered not in keeping with the character of the area.

Imam Dr Mohamed Fahimdescribed the reasons for refusal as 'unconvincing', but the plans were resubmitted in April.

A decision on whether to pass the plans will be made by a planning committee at Sir James Hawkey Hall, in Broomhill Road, Woodford Green at 7.15pm.