A group of Muslim motorcyclists completed a charity ride from London to Torquay raising over £1,800.

The Deen Riders, a group of 25 motorcycling enthusiasts, rode the 139 miles from the ACE Cafe in Wembley to Torquay in aid of children’s charity Caudwell Children.

The eight-hour trip ended in Torquay at 7pm on Saturday, where the riders were met by volunteers and beneficiaries of Caudwell Children, who work to provide support to families living with disabled children.

The Deen Riders was set up in 2007 and has since ridden a number of long distance rides raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as child victims of the Syrian Civil War.

One of the members, Absha Mansour, 23, lives in South Park, Ilford.

He said: “I loved every second of the whole trip, it was great fun.

"It was pretty much plain sailing the whole way but one of the members did get a puncture after a screw got lodged in his type.

"It was my first long-distance ride with the group and I can't wait to do another, it was for a really worthwhile cause too.

“We are Muslim motorcycling enthusiasts of all ages and everyone is welcome to join as the group is growing all the time.”