An investigation is due to be conducted next week by Essex council into a burst water pipe which has been leaking dirty rain water into an elderly couple's garden.

Teresa Hoyle’s garden in Manor Road, Woodford Bridge, has been constantly flooding for two-and-a-half years, with water running down from an overflowing manhole cover in the main road.

A spokesman from Essex council confirmed it was planning to visit the site to see what can be done to sort the problem.

He said: “Essex Highways has scheduled jetting, a CCTV survey and a full investigation of the system next week to ascertain what the issue is.

“Once this is done, it will be possible to determine the appropriate remedial action.”

The stagnant water, which covers the 40ft garden, has killed flowers and trees and the couple have to walk through it to get out of their house.

Mrs Hoyle has to take her 81-year-old husband, Richard, to hospital three times a week for dialysis for his liver failure following being diagnosed with cancer.

The 71-year-old said the issue was affecting her mental state and she was waking up at night often due to anxiety.