A serious chemical spillage on the M11 yesterday is continuing to cause problems for surrounding areas as the southbound stretch at Harlow remains closed.

A 25-metre section of road and the gulleys of the northbound carriageway were covered with a chemical foam after a lorry overturned at around 5pm yesterday.

The foam started to solidify on contact with the carriageway and also penetrated the surface.

Operations Manager, Ian Jobson said that the Highways Agency has been involved in a 'complicated operation' to clean up the ‘glue’.

At the request of Essex Fire Service a 150-metre exclusion zone was put in place until it could be established that the foam was not releasing toxic fumes.

The Environment Agency were also at the scene until 1am this morning carrying out assessments on environmental impact.

This morning, the northbound carriageway opened at 5.50am.

Drivers are being advised to check the route and plan their journeys in advance, although it is expected to be re-opened at 9am.