Wells Primary School, in Barclay Oval, has been awarded an ‘outstanding’ rating by Ofsted.

The headteacher, Jill Henderson, was described as ‘inspirational’ and staff and governors were praised for their commitment to providing a ‘world-class education’ for all their pupils.

Wells Primary School was awarded ‘outstanding’ in every category which included; achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and in leadership and management.

Ofsted Inspectors, who visited from June 11 and 12, said: “Under the inspirational leadership of the headteacher, ably supported by her staff and governors, there is a relentless strive to provide the very best for every child at the school. As a result pupils achieve exceptionally well.

“The school is a very harmonious community built on mutual respect between adults and children.”

The school has improved since its last inspection where it was awarded a ‘good’ rating.

The Ofsted inspector’s arrived at their decision after analysed parental questionnaires, speaking to pupils during lunchtime and meetings with the staff. The only thing that inspectors could find to be improved was the standard of student’s handwriting.

An outstanding school is according to Ofsted, ‘highly effective in delivering outcomes that provide exceptionally well for all its pupils’ needs.’