An empty shop has been used to exhibit artwork in an effort to improve the appearance of a high street to tourists.

West End Furniture in High Street, Epping had a number of paintings put on display for visitors to the town coming to watch the Tour de France.

The works all belong to members of Epping Art Society and may remain in the window until another business moves in.

The idea was put into practise by Epping town clerk, Alan Shaw, and the building owner.

Dorothy Organ from the society said: “All the shops and houses looked bright and colourful but then spoiling it all was a big empty shop, just crying out for a display of some kind.

“I would like to say thank you to the town clerk and the artists who put those wonderful pictures into the shop; all done in one day.”

The shop is due to be renovated in around six to eight months but the owner is happy for the space to be used by the town council in the meantime.

Mr Shaw said: "It all came together very well and our towns person of the year, Derrick Whitbread, helped cleaning the windows.

"Hopefully we will have some more displays in there and we can use it as a public shop front."