A primary school provides a “world class education” with an inspirational headteacher, according to Ofsted.

Wells Primary School, in Barclay Oval, Woodford Green, was given an outstanding rating following an inspection in June, after previously being classified as good.

Headteacher Jill Henderson, 50, and her leadership team were praised for enabling pupils to achieve.

The report said: “Under the inspirational leadership of the headteacher, ably supported by her staff and governors, there is a relentless strive to provide the very best for every child at the school. As a result pupils achieve exceptionally well.

"The headteacher and staff are committed to providing a world class education for all the pupils.

“The school is a very harmonious community built on mutual respect between adults and children.”

Mr Henderson is already looking at how to improve the school further.

She said: “We’ve worked hard to develop our relationship with parents and carers and keep them involved in the process of what we do.”

“If a child is interested in football then, it’s about tapping into the child’s interest and developing their talent.”

“Now we need to build on the success of the inspection. There is always room for improvement and a need for continual reflection. We shall not be resting on our laurels.”

And chair of governors Jackie Blount, 65, agreed that supporting children to realise their potential is the key to success.

She said:  “It’s not just about the results and achievement being high, it’s about other things that make  a child successful at life, whether it’s coping with difficult situations or wanting to be a musician, that’s what makes an outstanding school.”