The NHS has admitted patients in London find it hard to see their GP after a man collapsed in the street due to a long delay in getting an appointment at his surgery.

Tommy Anderson, 57, was taken to hospital for treatment to his infected leg ulcers after collapsing near St James Street Practice in Walthamstow

He was intitally told he would have to wait two weeks for an appointment and after visiting a walk-in centre, there were delays in getting his dressing changed and his condition worsened.

NHS England refused to comment on the case, but acknowledged there is a problem throughout London.

A spokeswoman said: “We are sorry to hear about Mr Anderson’s experience at The St James Practice. Having received his complaint, we will contact him directly to address the concerns raised.
“We know many patients in London find it hard to see their GP.

Population growth, widening health inequalities and complex care needs are all driving up demand and general practice is struggling to respond effectively to the rising demands of Londoners.

“This is why we are undertaking a review of primary care in order to improve and expand the range of services delivered to patients.

“NHS England (London) is currently working with local commissioners across London to improve GP services, build extra capacity and implement new standards around GP access.”