The Public Health team are giving advice to Muslims in Waltham Forest during the holy month of Ramadan.

Observant Muslims have not eaten during daylight hours since June 29.

Over the next few weeks Muslims can eat only two meals, the pre-dawn meal ‘Suhoor’ and a meal at dusk ‘Iftar’.

However the Public Health team at Waltham Forest Council is urging Muslims to ensure that all meals contain items from all food groups, including fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, meat or fish, dairy products and foods containing fat and sugar.

It is recommended to break a fast with fruits or a light meal, regardless of how long a fast has lasted during Ramadan.

The fast is not an obligation for children before they reach puberty however, some young children may be taking part.

Public Health Officers are reminding parents that during heat it is vital for children to be hydrated.

Any diabetic Muslims or those with health issues are being advised to speak with their doctor about fasting.