A new mural painted directly opposite one of the borough's busiest tube stations pays tribute to Walthamstow's strong industrial heritage.

Artist's Chris Bracey and Jon Blake of Walthamstow completed the large-scale artwork on Blackhorse Lane on Friday after starting on the design a year ago.  

The mural facing Blackhorse Road station sits above a supermarket and was commissioned by Waltham Forest Council and the Greater London Authority (GLA) at the cost of £13,000.

Mr Bracey, 59, is the owner of Walthamstow's iconic neon sign shop Gods Own Junkyard, based in Shernall Street, and has worked and lived in the E17 area his entire life. 

The artwork welcoming visitors 'to the home of people who make and create' depicts art on the left, painted by Mr Blake known as 'Gothic John' and industry by Mr Bracey on the right. 

"Amazing things are still made in Walthamstow, as reflected in the mural from Dunhill pipes, Dunhill leather goods, shaving brushes for over a century, engineering and more artists than you could shake a paint brush at.

"It is still the home of people who make and create," said Mr Bracey. 

He hopes the artwork, dedicated to Walthamstow residents, will be appreciated. 

"I love the mural and I hope it puts a smile on people’s faces.

"So many hard working people live in E17, I hope they realise this is a salute to them and their fore bearers.

"Walthamstow people are the salt of the earth; they deserve recognition as they keep London running."

Part-painted and part made of cut-out painted shapes and shimmer discs, the mural is a permanent feature and has a life expectancy of 20 years.