A DJ has spoken about the "madness" of winning £2,500 after placing a £5 bet on Germany beating Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup match on Tuesday.

John Moore, 28, of Woodford Green, placed the £5 bet with odds of 500/1 online after seeing the numbers 17 everywhere on the day of the semi-final match.

The self-confessed betting man and drum and bass DJ had "no idea" it would pay off until Germany scored its fifth goal at the end of the first-half.

"I was seeing the number 17 everywhere. I looked at the clock and it was seventeen minutes past five and my battery on my phone had seventeen per cent.

"Then a parcel arrived with the number 17 and I looked at my phone when it was charging and it had 71 per cent battery."

"I knew Brazil wasn't going to score 7-1 as their defence was poor and Neymar and Thiago Silva weren't playing.

"It was a thrashing and not a good day for football. All their weaknesses were shown and as Arsenal fan, we've seen this before with massive defeats," said Mr Moore.

During the match on Tuesday night which put Germany through to the final against Argentina tomorrow, Mr Moore described the scene inside his living room as "tense".

He added: "When it went 7-0, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. After Oscar scored it was madness.

"I was jumping up with my dad and then the few minutes before the final whistle blew was just pure tense"

The 28 year-old food-lover collected his £2,500 winnings from Paddy Power in Ilford the following day and plans to spend the money launching a new street food stall in Redbridge.

Mr Moore predicts tommorw's final will be 4-2 either way. The game kicks off at 8pm on BBCOne.