The friend of a car thief has been jailed for four months after being involved in a police chase in Walthamstow and lying about his relationship with the driver.

Mark Stavrou, 21, of Tenby Close, Walthamstow, was also disqualified from driving for 2 years.

He was ordered to pay an £80 victim surcharge for allowing himself to be carried in a stolen vehicle.

Police attempted to stop a car suspecting it was being driven with false number plates in Hoe Street on May 13.

When the driver realised he was being followed by police, he began to drive the car dangerously through the neighbouring streets to avoid arrest.

The car soon stopped by traffic lights and driver jumped out and ran from the car.

Police prevented Stavrou and the other passenger from leaving the car and they were arrested.

The driver was identified and arrested later in the investigation.

When interviewed by police, Stavrou denied knowing the driver and gave police a false description of him.

He also denied knowing that the car had been stolen in a burglary two days earlier.

Two others pleaded guilty to their roles in the incident last year.

Stavrou pleaded not guilty but was found guilty after later admitting in court he had been friends with the driver since 2009.

The other passenger was sentenced to 10 months imprisonment for aggravated vehicle taking when he was sentenced on October 11 2 013.

Another passenger was sentenced to 10 months community sentence order on the same date.