Two women had their heads shaved in public for a cancer charity.

Ranita Klimach, of Mossford Green in Barkingside, and 21-year-old friend Naomi Haigh, from Birmingham, had the hair cut outside the Cancer Research store in High Street, Barkingside, on Sunday.

They had been growing their hair for a year-and-a-half in preparation and hope to raise around £1,000 each.

Miss Klimach, 23, said: “The actual head shaving was quite surreal, there were two women who watched almost the whole session with looks of absolute horror on their faces, which I think helped me, as it amused me rather than allowed me to give in to shock.

"After the shaving was completed I was impressed by my new, shiny, head, and instantly aware of the slightest breezes - it's odd the extent to which hair prevents our heads from sensing.”