A popular former fishmonger who opened up the first mobile seafood stall in Theydon Bois is set to return to the village after 25 years.

Danny Arlow, 52, of Claude Rushnere Close, Lowestoft, left Theydon Bois in 1989 to bring up his three-year-old daughter as a single parent.

The father-of-three plans to return to Essex within the next two months, where he will commute two days a week from Lowestoft to the area with freshly caught fish.

Mr Arlow, who describes himself as having ‘the gift of the gab’, said after 25 years he has decided to get back to the area he loves and serve the village again.

Danny said: “I opened up the first mobile fishmonger stall in Theydon Bois, I was a bit of a jack the lad back then, but as I’ve got older, I’ve got wiser.

“I had the stall in the village and my dad had one in Chipping Ongar, sadly he is gone now, but it’s time I got back to the area.

“The stall was always very popular and I had my regulars, I am hoping that a few familiar faces will come and say hello.

“Theydon Bois was always a thriving village, everyone treated me as family. Now I am looking forward to coming back and if there are any single women out there looking for a friendly fishmonger, come and say hello!”

Danny is set to return to the village by mid September.